Option 1

Escort work for women

I provide safe and comfortable place to work, adverts, work essentials. I am looking for ladies all nationalities, shapes and sizes. Work from private apartments. No experience necessary. If this is for you, email me or WhatsApp your contact details and a few genuine photos. The rates are decent. I would prefer to work with nice and easy-going girls.

Option 2

Operator / receptionist service

I am offering a phone answering service and booking for female escorts. I have a unique and soft-spoken accent,a very professional manner and plenty of experience. I am aware of many workable apartments and hotels. I create you an excellent profile, help with verification and deal with clients to get you more bookings.

This job offer is for WOMEN ONLY - you must be over 18 years old.

Countries I work in: UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Qatar.

Apply To Work For Hazel

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